Our Story

Who we are?

Tonic-Blend Kombucha was started in 2019 by a son, mother and father, with a big mission: to bring you a zest for life, delivering a great real food that helps you to grow, to become better than yesterday. Our crew believes that changing our World comes from inside out. We are always perfecting inspired by the Nature and the kombucha’s SCOBY, a symbiotic community which is always growing.

What we do?

Our story begins in 2018 when our founder first tasted kombucha in USA. He was already passionate about fresh pressed juices and felt the benefits of kombucha just after taking the first sips. Since then he became a kombucha lover. He started researching about kombucha and because „nothing happens without a reason”, attending one of the most important conferences dedicated to the producers of cold pressed juices in USA, he had the chance to meet the founder of one of the most important kombucha company

THAT WAS THE BEGINNING. Soon he started to brew his own kombucha based on an antique recipe, using organic SCOBY, our special organic tea blend, pure water, organic cane juice and organic cold pressed juice. Kombucha may not be perfect. It may have a strange taste at first. It may not look exactly the same in every bottle.

Our drink is special because is constantly perfecting. It is a great probiotic that perfecting your digestion, immune system and will help in balancing your intestinal flora.

How we do?

Using the organic ingredients, we are making sure that the consumption of Tonic-Blend Kombucha is constantly producing probiotics. So, what does this mean? It means that our drink is helping your gut for real. And what makes this wonderful beverage different than others is given by handcrafting in small glass batches and packing in glass bottles because we want to protect the environment.

Our „WHY” based on the promises
Our story started with an idea from the USA. But the origins of kombucha goes back in the history more that 2000 years. Maybe that is why it has some different stories. We felt the benefits of Kombucha and one other mission for us is to share this with the World. So here we are, we created our first Kombucha drink following an antique recipe blended with our instincts. You need to taste it and feel the benefits on your own. You will then understand us!