Our promises

Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be perfect.

Our mind. Our body. The world we live in. What we say. What others think. What we may or may not believe. Everything has a flaw. Thank God! Because this means there is a lot of room to improve. A lot of room for us to get better ourselves. A lot of room to perfect.
We promise to offer you the drink that is constantly perfecting itself. It is permanently growing. Our Tonic-Blend Kombucha may not look perfect at the first sight. Maybe because of the strange smell at first, or does not look exactly the same in every bottle being living entity by itself.

We have a mission and we create value.

With us, you will never spend money for a luxury product. We do not believe in luxury because the price does not make a product good or bad, nice or ugly, tasty or disgusting, healthy or unhealthy. We are really not interested to sell cheaper or more expensive than others because our mission is to produce the best kombucha you can find on the market, using only high-quality ingredients, glass packing and our love to brew kombucha. This is why Tonic-Blend Kombucha makes you healthier and helps you to grow.

Our passion for Nature.

We started to grow in Nature. Then the urban life began with adult tasks, modern stuff and we completely forgot about our roots during the rush to find perfection. Every now and then, we go back in Nature remembering how connected we are with everything.
The Nature is our starting point in everything we do. Based on this vision, our company can grow and be passed on future generation while you are being part of it.

We are looking at the Future.

Tonic-Blend is always paying attention for the future and decided to push the limits daily. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to return all organic waste to Nature and to recycle the packing. We are also encouraging you to reduce the food waste and to consume clean food as much as you can.

Ethics is our life standard.

From our experience, we know we should treat others the way we like to be treated and we really like the people who support each other. Our customers and their feedback play are very important to us and we wake up every day with the intention to improve our lives. We encourage you to share all your thoughts with us at contact@tonicblend.com.